Award winning Ethiopian studio, Qene Technologies have got their tails up and have announced their third title in as many months. The name of the game is Feta and it’s a puzzle slider.

Feta follows quickly on the heels of Gebeta, which was released some months ago and was preceded by Kukulu. As the sole game development outfit in Ethipia, Kukulu, which is an endless runner garnered significant attention and positioned its CEO, Dawit Abraham as one to keep an eye on in the African gaming space.

Feta has a variety of difficulty levels as well as a selection of images players can select from and relies on shining the spotlight on Ethiopias rich culture. The game also pays homage to Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister who recently won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. An API that allows the game admins to upload new pictures was also built so that players can enjoy new and relevant content.

Qene Technologies is a software development firm operating from Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Founded in 2016, the company has been focusing on developing and publishing video games while providing game development outsourcing, game art outsourcing, and other software development services.

Feta is set for release in early 2020 and will be available on Android and iOS.