Game designer and CEO at Landfall. Wilhelm Nylund started making games in high school four years ago and has spent the last two years exploring physics-driven game design. On his second visit to Playtopia, the Swede has a brief chat with GIA.

GIA: Has Landfall Games ever considered delving into publishing? If so, what would it take to grab your attention as a publisher?

WN: While we wouldn’t like to call ourselves a publisher, we have started funding and investing in cool projects that we believe in.
I think that basically any game that does something entirely new is interesting.

GIA: What words of wisdom would you like to impart to any developers looking to tackle a similar route to Landfall Games?

WN: I would recommend showing the internet what you are making as early as possible. Posting a gif on Twitter or Reddit can be hugely helpful for figuring out what parts of your game people are drawn in by, or if the idea you’re working on is able to draw people in at all. We have had many projects that we did not continue working on because we didn’t get the reaction we were hoping for when posting gifs online.

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