Ridtech Guinea – a small startup game studio from Guinea have released their first game – African Heroes to local acclaim. The five person outfit led by the young and highly ambitious Serge Abraham Thadee developed the game as a commentary on Guineas resistance to colonisation.

Photo credit @SergeCorp

Developed for PC and android, the release of African Heroes is a testament to the perseverance and creative endeavour of youth with Serge and his band of youth sometimes going days without sleep. One member of his team is Aissata Sow.

Aissata Sow and Serge Abraham

I worked a little with programming, but especially on the game scenario.
We split the tasks, with Serge mainly working on the design and programming and I researched stories of the many countries across the continent.

Aissata Sow

From a societal point of view, the the strides taken by Ridtech Guinea are a culmination of efforts drafted by the Guinean government to champion the merits of gaming and interactive entertainment. A national summit is planned in 2020 to address ways of providing more opportunities for the youth in digital economies.

African Heroes tells the story of a girl named M’Balia with thoughts of N’DIMBA on her mind. Her mission is to find the mask and return it to its roots. N’DIMBA is viewed by many as a fertility goddess and symbolises the female values of fertility, the fertility of the earth and abundant harvests.